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I am a contemporary conceptual artist and photographer based in Milton Keynes, UK. Initially, my work was personal and engaged in the concept of identity. Through self-portraits, I let myself become vulnerable to all kinds of judgments and interpretations, but at the same time, I expressed different emotions through body language, gestures, posture, and face.

Surrealism is a major aspect of my creativity in all the environments I use for my work. I am also inspired by Freud's Theory of the Unconscious, and to some extent, my work explores how the unconscious can be photographically transposed into consciousness.


There is a symbiosis between see and be seen; I often aim to seek the ultimate expression of photographs that reflect both my intention and the perception of the free will of the viewer.


Recently, I started mixing images and text to provoke emotionally intense responses typically stimulated by other people’s stories. My recent work suggests human susceptibility and examines intimacy and individuality.

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