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About Me

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

I am a contemporary conceptual artist and photographer based in Milton Keynes, UK. Initially, my work was personal and engaged in the concept of identity. Through self-portraits, I let myself become vulnerable to all kinds of judgments and interpretations, but at the same time, I expressed different emotions through body language, gestures, posture, and face.

Surrealism is a major aspect of my creativity in all the environments I use for my work. I am also inspired by Freud's Theory of the Unconscious, and to some extent, my work explores how the unconscious can be photographically transposed into consciousness.


There is a symbiosis between see and be seen; I often aim to seek the ultimate expression of photographs that reflect both my intention and the perception of the free will of the viewer.


Recently, I started mixing images and text to provoke emotionally intense responses typically stimulated by other people’s stories. My recent work suggests human susceptibility and examines intimacy and individuality.

My  Story

I am a photographer who explores the poetry of photographic portraits.


My practice is concerned with the way in which one’s identity is in a constant state of flux, evolution, and change. At the same time, I am interested in the way in which the unconscious and its hidden forces exercise a power of control over the self.

I use juxtaposition and manipulation of both found and digitally altered images to reveal hidden textures and forms that evoke inner landscapes and states of consciousness in which the boundaries of identity are fluid.

I am interested in the practice of portraiture and see it as shrouded in mystery and uncertainty. I use a variety of materials to cover up, distort, and dissimulate the face and its assumed reference to a stable identity.

The way in which time influences one’s sense of identity is also a central concern of mine. I use photography as a means to freeze, store, and animate the subconscious. Ambiguity is central to my work because it implies a sense of astonishment and disorientation.


I find human beings fascinating, not only because of their prosaic, trivial nature but also because of their inner and hidden metaphysical existence.


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