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The Self as Project

As difficult as it is to understand the existential, the problem of identifying who we are is so essential that it cannot be neglected. Our perceptions of self have been influenced by metaphysics, physical science, and the prevailing approach to behavioural science. Some theoretical assumptions, attributes, or notions are inextricably intertwined in any definition of the self, as they are in any fact-based psychoanalysis.

However, the oppressive control of the universal idea of self, which is reductionist and simplistic, often hides the problem of the self. To assume that an individual is defined only by his visible and measurable behaviour is too dogmatic because it undermines our sense of inner existence, individuality, and phenomenology. The reflection of these notions was accentuated during the pandemic. Forced to isolate myself from others, my attention fell on myself and on the place where I stood both toward my Self and toward the Self of another.

Through the series of the staged self-portraits, I attempted to explore the nuances of the subconscious based on the convergence of the self with identity.

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