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What do I need?


Our lives are in constant flux. Either we are conscious of this evolution) or we are caught in the traps of a society that advances day by day, generation by generation. Our wants are universal, even though they manifest themselves differently in various people. However, how do we reconcile the unique demands of everyone with the requirements of social integration? The series represents the convergence of these two levels: internal and social. The same question was posed to each person: “What do I need?" They were invited to take a moment for themselves to reflect on their lives and choose the most significant and urgent need. The project, which is built in a typological fashion, offers a glimpse into people’s inner lives as well as their social lives.

what do i neeed27.jpg
what do i neeed24.jpg
what do i neeed14.jpg
what do i neeed21.jpg
what do i neeed19.jpg
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